Weather Damage

If your roof has suffered storm damage it is important that you repair the damage as quickly as possible. Your roof provides your home with its first line of protection from the elements and any damage to it could result in an increase in damage to your home.

Roof storm damage due to mother nature is something that troubles a homeowner and many times, you aren’t sure of how to handle the insurance claim. Often roof storm damage is not visible to the naked eye and partnering with a reputable roofing contractor who understands all the issues is beneficial.

All Weather Tite Roofing has¬†handled over 50 roof storm damage insurance claims for homeowners¬†in the past two years. We have been successful at getting our customers the insurance payments for which they are entitled by working with the insurance adjuster or public adjuster. If you have experienced roof storm damage or damage to your home’s exterior due to weather related incidents, we can help you receive the proper amount of money needed to deal with the situation¬†correctly.