Residential Roofing Services - Sudbury, MA 01776

The homeowner of this Sudbury house had issues with ice dams and wanted a solution once and for all. When we replaced the roof system, we added soffit venting to the entire house on all the bottom edges of the eaves. We also installed proper vents in the attic to ensure airflow was able to move through the soffit venting into the attic area. We also installed a GAF Snow Country ridge vent to the peak of the roof for maximum exhaust. The homeowner chose the 50-year GAF Architectural shingle in Pewter Gray.

Another challenge with this home's roof was moss and algae growth. We installed a zinc strip to all the peaks of the roof. As water runs over the zinc strip, it carries the zinc down the roof, which inhibits moss and algae growth. In addition, zinc also prevents mold from propagating into the shingles.

Hail Damage

An out-of-state roofing company approached the homeowner and told him that he could have hail damage on his roof. The homeowner then called us and asked if we had the ability to negotiate the insurance claim for him. We negotiated the insurance claim and were able to get their entire roof covered under hail damage.

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