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This beautiful old farm house had ice dam issues for years. Traditional soffit venting was unable to be installed on this house because of the way the house was framed. To combat the venting issue, we installed a GAF Solar intake fan on the main roof of the house that was not visible from the front of the property. In addition, we added a GAF ridge vent along with roof louvers to exhaust the humid air out of the attic.
This roof was done back in 2010 with a GAF High Definition Slate color shingles. In 2015, one of the worst winters in Massachusetts history, this house had zero water penetration. On the front left low slope roof, we decided to install a rubber roof instead of shingles to prevent ice dam penetrations.
Not every roof can be ventilated by the same traditional methods.
This customer was very happy that we could design a roof system on their home without taking away from the authenticity of an older balloon construction farm house.

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