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This 3200 square foot roof in Bolton, MA, had problems with ice dams for many years. The ice dams were caused by the house's vented drip edge, which is not recommended in New England. A vented drip edge on a house with gutters blocks off the ventilation system for the ventilation intake when ice builds in gutters.

A very inexpensive way to deal with this issue is to remove the vented drip edge and install a solid drip edge. Then we did calculations to find out how many soffit vents were needed. This ended up being twenty-four 4" x 16" soffit vents installed under soffit, where snow and ice cannot affect them. We also installed 6 feet of ice and water shield and put roof louvers for exhaust on other portions of the roof that could not be exhausted with ridge vent. These solutions eliminated the ice dam problem for this house and its owners.

This Bolton house had a lot of ice dam issues as well as algae growth on the roof. All Weather Tite installed a new roof system with proper ventilation that will prevent ice dams from forming in the future. In addition, we added a zinc strip at the top of the roof line that will prevent algae from forming again.

We also worked with Mass Save to properly insulate the house before we replaced the siding. In this case, the homeowner chose CertainTeed Main Street vinyl siding.

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