Whether you are buying a home or replacing a roof, roofing warranties are very important. You should know the warranty for the roof on a home you intend to purchase, and also carefully consider roofing warranties when contracting to replace a roof.  In this Podcast, Kelly describes the 3 different types of warranties you’ll find in the roofing industry and what to expect from them.

What Are the Types of Roofing Warranties?

The typical roofing warranties that the roofing industry offers include:

  • Zero Warranty – property is sold or bad installation
  • 10-Year Shingle Warranty – which is what most warranties are these days
  • Full 50-Year Lifetime Warranty

A Zero Warranty is a voided roofing warranty that results from improper installation or when the home is sold after it is roofed. This warranty does not transfer.

A 10-Year Shingle Warranty is the most popular roofing warranty. The manufacturer will cover the shingles, but not any of the other roofing materials, for ten years against manufacturers’ defects. All Weather Tite has worked on claims where the manufacturer produced a defective shingle and therefore paid for new shingles. However, with this warranty, the client must still pay out-of-pocket for the installation and all other material costs.

A Full 50 year lifetime warranty system is a roofing warranty that most roofing companies cannot offer. This warranty fully covers all roofing materials, from the shingles (#1), to the underlayment (#3), to the ridge caps (#6), for a full 50 years. The manufacturer also covers All Weather Tite’s workmanship for 25 years. In addition, this warranty is transferable for up to 25 years if you sell the home.

All Weather Tite is one of only about 20 other roofing companies in Massachusetts to offer a Full 50-Year Warranty to its customers.

What is a GAF Warranty?

Founded in 1886, GAF has become North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. Based in New Jersey, GAF manufactures roofing supplies that come in a wide array of colors. With such a broad color palette, you will be able to install the exact roofing material to complement your home’s exterior design. But this is not the only benefit of choosing GAF materials for your roofing installation.

GAF roofing systems also come with the highest standard in warranties. GAF’s roofing products are unparalleled in their quality and durability, all precisely cut and made from high-quality materials. Confident in the strength and value of the products they offer, GAF offers its customers the best warranties available. No other company provides the same 50-year lifetime warranty on materials and installation that GAF offers through its certified roofers.

GAF provides roofing contractors, such All Weather Tite, the opportunity to become certified in their products and proper installation. GAF roofing material is of premium quality but is useless if installed improperly. GAF certifies roofers who have proven that they understand the materials and installation. GAF-certified Master Elite Roofing Contractors such All Weather Tite, provide GAF warranties for both the product and the installation.

To find out more about roofing warranties and GAF’s 50-year lifetime warranty, listen to our podcast:

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