Roof Wind Damage Insurance ClaimsIn New England, we are approaching hurricane season where we deal with potential damaging winds, torrential downpours and other elements that can damage your home. High winds are capable of causing extreme destruction causing trees to uproot, home siding to blow off, debris to become projectiles and roofs being ripped off. Even if your home is constructed to tackle damaging winds, you never know what else can factor into damaging your roof. Should you experience roof wind damage and you need to call your insurance company, make sure you are prepared.

Partner with a Roofing Contractor with Insurance Expertise

When you make your first call to your insurance company to file a claim, know that we are here for you every step of the way. We’ll help you make an appointment with an insurance adjuster. We’ll help evaluate and assess the damage with them and outline the scope of work. With our years of experience in offering insurance claim services, we can clearly explain how we would like to approach repairs on roofs. This ensures our customers can have the satisfaction and feeling of safety with their home in our hands.

As we are out there in dealing with the assessment, we:

  • Test the roof for weak spots and hidden damage
  • Examine shingle damage
  • Make experienced judgment calls on what repairs need to be done

With our input, the adjuster gets accurate information based on our experience of what needs to be done to justify to the insurance company and the homeowner whether or not the roof can be repaired or replaced. Our professional backing and supporting input can save time in the claims process by reducing the effort needed for the insurance company to process the claim. The faster this gets done, the faster the homeowner can begin the process to get their roof fixed.

Roof Wind Damage – Real Life Situation in Shrewsbury, MA

A few years ago, residents of Shrewsbury MA were hit with a nasty wind storm that damaged many roofs in the area. Listen to Kelly Shepard discuss what happened, the key takeaways from this incident and why it’s critical to have your roofing contractor onsite when the claims adjuster comes to survey the damage.

By partnering with a certified and experienced roofing contractor if you have damage caused by Mother Nature, the roofing contractor and insurance adjuster can ensure that proper roof damage documentation is submitted correctly to the insurance company  and the roof replacement or repair is done quickly and accurately.