Designer Roofing Shingles - GAF CamelotDid you know that according to the 2013 National Association of Realtors Survey, 91% of realtors say shingle color and style is important when people are looking to purchase a home? In fact, curb appeal can account for about 17% of the value in the home. This is why when faced with roof replacement, you should consider choosing designer roofing shingles.

With today’s multitude of styles and colors, selecting the right shingle for your home can be challenging. But choosing newer designer roofing shingles can be vital in helping with the overall curb appeal. If you are planning to replace your roof sometime soon, discuss your options with your roofing contractor and pick the best shingles to suit the style of your home.

Unlike years ago when the roof was primarily used to keep the house dry, today’s homes are looking for more style and color in their shingles to enhance the home’s style and appearance.

So let’s look at some key factors you should consider when selecting a designer roofing shingle for your home.

Think about the architectural style of your home

There many styles of shingles available which give you a wide spectrum of designs for your type of home. There are many benefits to asphalt shingles: They can mimic other types of shingles out there, giving the effect you want in your home while being cost effective.

The different styles of shingles can be divided into two basic categories:

  • Architectural or designer shingles – These are premium asphalt shingles that are thicker, heavier and have a distinctive, textured appearance. Their dimensional thickness and deep, blended shadow bands simulate the appearance of wood shakes or slate, enhancing the beauty of any home.
  • Traditional 3-tab shingle – These get its name from the three equal cutouts or tabs made along the bottom edge of the shingle. They are only available in one size and shape and create a uniform look on your roof. Always a popular choice, traditional 3-tab shingles are available in a wide variety of colors.

Picking the shingle category will depend on the type of look you want on your home. If you want a more dramatic look, consider choosing from the many styles that GAF offers in their designer shingle collection.

Consider the pitch or steepness of your roof

Choosing a shingle with a unique design will help bring out the aesthetics as well as determine size, cut and thickness of the shingle. With a steep pitched, roof you can see more of the roof while standing on the ground.

To give your roof an interesting and complex texture, consider using architectural roofing shingles. With their multi-layer, laminated design, architectural shingles are a perfect match for steep pitched roofs.

Choose the color of your shingles carefully

Although it sounds like a simple process, it is usually the step that causes the homeowner the most difficulty. After all, choosing a color is a very personal and subjective process.

Since everyone has a unique sense of style and taste, it is impossible to give a hard-and-fast rule on how to choose a shingle color. One of the best ways to pick a color is to drive around your neighborhood. Check out the different color combinations of roof, brick or siding and trim colors that your neighbors have tried. Make a list of the ones you like, and steer clear of the ones you don’t.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is important to view several full size shingle samples or an existing roof completed with the same style and color shingles before making a final decision. Often overlooked, getting actual shingle samples from your contractor is the best way to see how a shingle color will look in combination with the other color elements such as your siding and trim color of your home.

If you are considering new trim paint or siding, grab those samples as well, and take them outside. Hold them out in the natural sunlight, and see how the colors interact together, and how they change under different lighting conditions.

Complement Your Home’s Overall Appearance

When choosing designer roofing shingles for your new roof project, your choice will depend on several factors such as whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or are staying in the home. Plus make sure the roof and the house color complement each other, adding dimension and style.

Remember that you have to live with whatever you choose for 20 to 30 years so choose wisely. Listen to our podcast below to get more information on choosing the best designer roofing shingles for your home.