Good Housekeeping Seal of ApprovalEveryone has had a bad experience with a less than satisfactory transaction. When you by something, you want to know that you’re going to get your money’s worth. Whether it is as simple as a roll of tape that isn’t sticky, or as bad as an under-performing car: feeling ripped off, deceived, or cheated is an awful feeling. It’s worse if you can’t get your money back. The Good Housekeeping seal of approval is a valuable effort to stop that from happening.

What is the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?

Good Housekeeping started as a magazine first published in 1885. In 1909, the magazine released a list of 21 products which were endorsed with the seal of reliability. Since then, they have tested and approved or denied thousands of products for this seal. The Good Housekeeping seal of approval is concerned with protecting everyday home and business owners from defective products and rip offs. The seal is mutually beneficial for both endorsed products and consumers. The endorsed products benefit by developing a reputation of reliability. The customers can rest assured that they are purchasing a product which has been tested by a third party and found reliable.

Types of Products Covered by the Good Housekeeping Seal

There are literally hundreds and thousands of products covered by the Good Housekeeping seal, here are a few of the types of products were are sealed.

  • GAF Roofing Systems
  • Home appliances
  • Beauty products
  • Electronics
  • Children’s toys and items
  • Automobiles

In an age filled with fraud, deceit, and distrust, Good Housekeeping is trying to restore consumer confidence in deserving products and companies. Watch for the Good Housekeeping seal to ensure you are making good choices.

How You Can Contact Good Housekeeping with a Concern

Good Housekeeping not only tests and approves worthy products, they back up their word by providing a limited warranty on the products they have endorsed. If you believe you have discovered a defect, you can contact them with an explanation and provide evidence. If it meets the criteria you may be subject to a full or partial refund. The product may be completely repaired or replaced purely at the discretion of Good Housekeeping.

GAF Roofing, Good Housekeeping, and All Weather Tite

One of the most popular products endorsed by Good Housekeeping is the GAF Roofing Systems. GAF has passed Good Housekeeping tests with flying colors and are known to supply some of the most reliable roofing products. All Weather Tite uses GAF Roofing Systems, because it best coincides with their commitment to quality and longevity. For instance, one of the most popular GAF products is Timberline shingles which come with a lifetime warranty. All Weather Tite is determined to use only the highest quality products.

If you are interested in learning more about GAF Roofing Systems or about solutions for your roof, please contact All Weather Tite, of Marlborough MA to talk to our expert team about what products are right for your roof. You can request a free estimate as we cover all aspects of roofing from minor repairs and ventilation to full replacement of both commercial and residential buildings.