Adding roof features to your roof is one of the most thrilling things you can do. Roof features add value, appeal, aesthetics, functionality, and most importantly, makes your home more enjoyable for you and your family to live in. Here are the six great ways to customize your roof!


Do you like stargazing? Or want more natural light in your house? Try a skylight. Skylights add more light and the illusion of space, which are two important things in a home from a real estate perspective. To add a skylight, an opening must be cut, flashing installed, the window placed, and then multiple layers of flashing added. In the past, complaints about leaking have deterred home owners from skylights, but with modern materials and correct flashing, this is no longer an issue. Read more about skylights here.


A report by the National Association of Realtors found that fireplaces are one of the features most appealing to potential home buyers. Chimneys are actually a very important and appealing aspect to any house. Not only do they help heat your house, they have a certain undeniable romantic appeal which makes any socializing or hosting an instant success. Adding a chimney is a big project and can be expensive. Consider whether you want a wood-burning fireplace, a gas-burning fireplace, or an electric fireplace. To make sure you get the best deal,obtain a few bids from masons and contractors before you agree to a price. Read more about increasing home value here.


Dormers protrude from the plane of a sloping roof to create usable space in an attic, and enable windows to be built. You will almost certainly need to start by securing a building permit, even though it seems like a minor addition. Choose between gable, shed, and hip dormers. You will need a good contractor to make sure it is in aesthetic unity with the rest of your roof and home.


Every house has gutters. If it doesn’t, get them immediately. They will save your roof, walls, and even foundation from years of water damage. It’s also much nicer to enter your home without having to run through a waterfall. Though gutters require a little bit of maintenance, they are not expensive to install or maintain. Read more about gutter maintenance here.

Plumbing Vent

Like gutters, your house probably already has a plumbing vent. Plumbing vents lead from appliances to an outdoor area to expel poisonous gasses away from your house. Poorly vented plumbing can lead to some odd smells around your house and in extreme cases, can increase the likelihood of household sickness. Plumbing vents are especially important on sinks that have been recently added or in places like the basement.

Attic Vents

Attic vents are essential to a New England house. Attic vents keep the temperature in your attic more regulated. Additionally, the air flow keeps condensation from building up, which helps keep rafters, shingles, and roof decking from deteriorating. Attic ventilation is a combination of soffit vents and gable/ridge vents. Read more about ventilation here.

These are six of the top ways to customize and improve your roof. At All Weather Tite, we are roofing experts that know the value of your roof and how to improve it. Our expert team is passionate about improving roofs and maximizing their quality. Also be sure to check out our blog for more tips and great information.