How to Shingle a RoofSo you have decided to install a new roof. Congratulations! You have taken the first step, but where do you go from here? Well, let us help by explaining how to shingle a roof.

Step One: Selecting the Right Shingle

This may seem straightforward, but it is incredibly important. Not all shingles are right for all roofs, so it is incredibly important to find the shingle that fits your roof. Make sure you choose a color that fits with the rest of the exterior of your house, and make sure they style of the shingle does not clash with the house. Get durable shingles, as poorly made shingles will cause you to have to do the entire project over again in a couple years. Your roof is the single most important protection your house has, make sure you treat it with care.

Step Two: Calculate the Necessary Number of Bundles

In order to properly shingle your roof, you need to know how many shingles to get. Typically three shingle bundles cover around one-hundred square feet of roof. In order to estimate how many bundles to purchase, divide the area of your roof by one-hundred and then multiply that number by three. Make sure to order extra bundles, as no estimate will ever be perfect and it is easier to return unused shingles than it is to order new ones.

Step Three: Preparing Your Roof

To install the actual shingles themselves, first read the manufacturer instructions that came with your shingle package. These often include tips about the bundles themselves that might not appear in general shingle installation instructions. You should then draw chalk lines along the length of the roof. This may seem like a silly and unnecessary step, but without these lines it is very easy to install crooked, wavy shingles that will make your house look ridiculous.

Step Four: How to Lay Shingles

You want the joints of your shingles to be staggered to help drain water off of your roof, so start each course with different sized shingles. Your first course should start with a full shingle, and cut six inches off of each shingle after (your second course shingle will be six inches less than your first course, the third course will be six inches less than the second course, etc). Continue until you only have a single tap remaining. Now start over with a full shingle and repeat this whole process working your way up to the peak of the roof.

Step Five: Using Nails

You now have to nail your shingles to ensure they are sturdy. Use four nails per shingle: one at both ends of the shingle, each about an inch away from the edge. The other two should be above the cutouts, and all nails should be placed just below the asphalt line. You should nail down each course of shingle as you install it.

And that is a basic instruction into laying shingles. It’s a long process made worse by the elements. If you want help with your roof, or even just a free estimate on the cost, give All Weather Tite a call. We know how to lay shingles perfectly so you can live in the house of your dreams.