How To Power Wash A DeckPowering washing your house is a good activity to in the summertime when the weather is nice. While your power washing your house, try power washing other surfaces at your home to perfect and maintain a clean appearance. Power washing restores luster and brightens your home and surfaces, which is especially noticeable in the summer.

Power Washing Your Wooden Deck

It is important to wash your properly and carefully because improper washing can really damage your wood. When washing your wooden deck, you must be aware of pressure selection. You want to set it to the lowest pressure as possible while still being effective.  Pressure for soft wood like cedar or pine should be at about 500 psi to 600 psi, whereas harder woods can withstand more but no more that 1200-1500 psi. It is also important to use a fan tip or carefully use a rotating tip. Test your pressure in an inconspicuous area such as a stair tread as to not risk damaging and replacing your entire deck board.

When power washing your deck, it is important to maintain a 12” distance between your deck and the washer while cleaning the deck in a sweeping motion. It is easiest to work from the house outward and spraying lengthwise in line with the deck boards and slightly overlapping each sweep to ensure a clean surface. One issue that you may run into is dealing with raised wood fibers. Sometimes when wood gets wet, the fibers get raised. It could only be minimal or it could be an issue that you need to take care of. If the damage is great, you may want to sand and refinish the deck.

Power Washing Your Driveway

Another surface that you can put your power washer to work on is your driveway. Before power washing your driveway, be sure to sweep away excess debris to start with a clean surface. In addition to cleaning the surface, it is important degrease your driveway using a degrease product with a stiff brush or a power washing tool.

When spraying, you want to maintain an 8-8 inch distance from the concrete. When spraying, work your way back and forth as you spray and let the detergent settle for 5 minutes. After it has settles, pressure wash your driveway clean. If you want to seal your concrete, you can paint your driveway with waterproof sealer and allow to dry for 24 hours.

Power Washing your deck and driveway can really brighten up your home’s exterior and freshen your surfaces after months of weather stress. Power washing your home’s exterior surfaces is an easy way to clean and restore the life into your home’s exterior. Although it requires careful technique, power washing can be an inexpensive home improvement project.

Power washing can be a huge chore if you don’t have the time or equipment. If you need help, contact All Weather Tite first for a free estimate, and to learn more about what the needs of your home are.