Should I Replace my Windows?Replacing windows are one of those tasks that homeowners hate to think about but inevitably have to deal with. Just like anything in this world, windows decay over time, and homeowners should try to replace windows earlier rather than later. If one waits too long to replace their windows, he or she might have to replace a lot more than just the window.

It’s Usually Not as Hard as You Think.

The term “replacing windows” makes it sound like you have to remove and revamp the entirety of the window. This often is not the case; most window replacements simply replace parts of the glass but keep the frame. This is a much easier process than removing the whole window entirely and replacing it with a brand new window.

When Should I Replace my Windows?

There are no official guidelines to telling when the exact time to replace your windows, but here are a few general tips:

  • The house is at least 15 years old – 15 years is a long time for anything, especially glass.
  • The outside comes inside – if rain water, wind, or other natural occurrences that belong in nature starts making it past your window it’s definitely time to replace it.
  • Rotting – this seems kind of obvious, but if the area around the window is rotting you should definitely get the window replaced.
  • Difficult to use – can’t open or a shut a window without using all of your might? No, you’re not getting weaker, the window is.
  • Looks out of place – the inside of houses often change a lot quicker than the windows. Maybe a window looked great when a house was built, but now it might just look weird. If the appearance of a window bothers you, change it.

Benefits of Replacing

This is fairly simple: many of the signals that your window needs replacing are not pleasant. No one enjoys weather inside their house, parts of their house rotting, or a stuck window. If these things are occurring, you should replace your windows to get them to stop. If you think they might start soon, you should replace your windows so they won’t occur.

Things to Avoid

Here is a pretty simple list of things to avoid when replacing your windows:

  • Replacing all your windows at the same time – this is often unnecessary and just expensive.
  • Doing it yourself – replacing windows is not an easy task. Yes, window companies can cost more than you like, but it’s usually worth the time you, or even a regular handyman, would have to put in.
  • Brand names – just because it’s famous doesn’t make it better. Off brand windows are typically just as effective and less expensive.

Truly, the best way to tell if your windows need replacing are to let experts analyze them. Luckily, we have those right here at All Weather Tite. Contact us to find out how we can help you keep your home in top condition.