Roof Solar PanelsSolar panels are a great solution if you are looking to reduce home energy costs. However, solar panels are not for everyone. There are several things you should consider before getting serious about installing solar panels.


One of the major factors in determining if solar panels are right for you is location. In order for solar panels to be successful, your home needs to receive full and direct sunlight during the day. If your home is not in a sunny location, ground-mounted panels are often available as an alternative to roof installation.

Your Roof

The age and size of your roof can affect your eligibility for solar panels. Individuals with older roofs are more likely to have difficulty installing panels. It is important to be sure that your home can support the weight of the installation. Panels also require quite a bit of space, so shop around to see what kinds of options solar companies in your area offer.

Energy Usage

Not all solar panels are created equally! Depending on the panels and your home, solar panels may not be able to provide all of your energy needs. Most people with solar panels do not rely strictly on solar power. Solar panels are more commonly used as a way to reduce overall energy costs.


Solar panels have a reputation of being expensive up-front. If you don’t know if you can afford solar panels, keep in mind that new technologies are being developed everyday that continually bring the costs of installation down. After the panels are installed, they tend to pay off in just a few years and require very little maintenance.

If you are interested in installing solar panels, the most valuable thing you can do is shop around. Call companies that specialize in solar power, get multiple estimates, and have all of your questions answered by professionals. Learn what options will work best with your home, and solar powered living may not be so far out of reach!

If you have any questions about your roof or want to learn about preparing your home for solar panels, contact All Weather Tite to have all of your questions answered.