Save on Your Heating Bill this Winter


New England is notorious for its winter weather, and with that weather comes those dreaded winter heating expenses. But don’t worry! With these 6 simple life hacks, you can save big on your heating bill with minimal upfront costs. These tips will keep you warm and toasty through the winter months without having to mortgage the house.

  • Programmable thermostats
    One of the easiest ways to save money on your heating bill is to install a programmable thermostat. Programming your thermostat to turn off a half hour before you leave for work and turn on a half hour before you get home can greatly reduce your heating costs when compared to leaving your thermostat on all day.
  • Let that radiator radiate!
    Large pieces of furniture, such as couches, absorb heat when placed in front of your radiator. Rearranging a room for the winter may temporarily mess with your feng shui, but it lets heat pour in throughout the entire room, and can make a huge difference when it comes to your energy costs.
  • Weather stripping
    Sealing your windows with weather stripping prevents heat from escaping and cool air from entering your house.
    Bonus tip
    : pipe covers or pool noodles can serve the same function beneath your drafty front door.
  • Cover windows with plastic
    Tightly covering your windows with plastic window wrap for an additional layer of insulation can make a dramatic difference in the temperature of your house. After installing, heat the window wrap with a blow dryer to make sure it is fitted snugly to your window.
  • Dress for the weather
    Just hanging around the house? Stay warm by layering with comfortable materials like sweaters, fleeces and thermal socks, all while leaving your heat on a lower setting. It may be cold outside, but you certainly won’t be!
  • Let the sun in!
    The sun is the warmest thing in our solar system! By opening your curtains and raising your blinds during the daylight hours, you can effectively capture some of the sun’s warm glow. But be sure to close your shades before sundown, as night time has the opposite effect.

Your home is where the heart is, and your heating bill shouldn’t give you a heart attack. If you’re interested in more home improvement tips, or if you’re interested in making a big change to your heating bill with new energy-efficient windows or insulated siding, please contact All Weather Tite, and we’ll gladly come over for a free consultation.