what is a handymanHandyman. It’s a term we’ve all heard now and again. It brings to mind past times of some local friend or neighbor who knows “a little bit ’bout everything” and could be called upon to help you with minor repairs around the house for a modest fee. While a lot of us might not know someone like that today, handyman services are alive and well: from individuals who are contacted through online ads to fully licensed contractors who do odd jobs on the side.

Handyman: The Jack of All Trades

A handyman is someone who is hired by the hour to complete minor home improvement or repair. The key word here is minor: if these are jobs you could complete with the right tools and research on your own, a handyman is an excellent choice. Since they know a little bit about everything, you can hand them a list of jobs from multiple categories and have them all finished in a day, instead of hiring out to multiple specialty contractors and arranging times and contracts for each.

A Handyman or a Contractor?

Handyman jobs shine their brightest when they are able to be finished quickly, since handymen usually charge an hourly time plus materials. If the job is a large one (taking multiple days), a specialized one (critical plumbing or electrical), or a multiple-person one, it might be better to hire a contractor for that specific job. If the job you need requires a professional license or the use of heavy duty or specialized machinery, a contractor has these licenses as well as the equipment as a matter of course.

Types of Handyman Jobs

Below is a list of handyman ready jobs examples. This list is by no means exhaustive, and some handymen (and handywomen) have additional licenses that open up other opportunities. As a rule of thumb if you think it will take more than a day or require special licenses or permits, then it’s probably not a handyman job.

  • Home Exterior – Cleaning and maintaining gutters, replace or repair loose or missing siding or shingles.
  • Minor Plumbing – Minor annoying issues, such as leaky faucets, or switching out new fixtures.
  • Caulking and Spackling – Replace worn seals around windows or repair small wall damage or nail holes.
  • Light Painting – Small painting jobs such as single walls or touchup work.
  • Deck Cleaning – Replacing individual rotted boards, clean, and reseal/stain a deck or porch.

Benefits of Handyman Services

Handyman are a great midpoint between an unskilled homeowner and a highly-trained contractor. When the task isn’t something you have the time or know-how to do yourself, but seems likely too costly a job for a specialist, a handyman is there to complete the jobsometimes for less than the service charge to get a plumber or an electrician to just come and see the problem.

Finding a handyman can sometimes be a daunting proposition. Handyman services often are found on online classified listings, but knowing if they are qualified servicemen or unemployed amateurs rarely can be determined before work begins. If you’re looking for handyman services in the central Massachusetts from a name you can trust, look no further than All Weather Tite. With over ten years’ experience as a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor, with siding and window installation, we’ve got the know-how to complete any odd job you might have. If you’re interested in handyman services with the experience and professionalism of contractors, contact us today.