How to Avoid a Roof ScamWhen you’re thinking about getting new roofing or making repairs, internet searches and talking with friends may bring up horror stories about people who got ripped off by their contractors. Contractors may take homeowners’ money and then do abysmal jobs, stop partway through, or just pocket the cash and walk away. Before you pick a company – before even putting in a call – there are several things you should check to see if they’re on the level and provide a solid service.

The Contractor’s Website: Warning Signs

As you look for services, you are probably browsing potential contractors’ sites. It’s important to look past their front splash page and browse the other parts of their site. If they are missing certain features, you should be on guard. Do they have a testimonial page, and does that page have links to outside reviews or social media sites? Do they have social media sites of their own, such as Facebook or Google+? Are they affiliated with any local groups either in the construction industry or the community in general?

Checking Social Media: From Yelp to Google

If you find a company that seems on the level, do a quick vetting process on social media review sites. Yelp has expanded from just food service to all walks of life, and roofing is no exception. Other sites such as Google can pull information from numerous sources, and many reviewers post to it to reach the most people. Like many social media sites, it’s important to focus on the content of both positive and negative reviews, as high or low ratings may not be related to actual services rendered.

The Better Business Bureau

One often overlooked resource for looking at a company is the Better Business Bureau. A non-profit organization, the BBB actively seeks out reviews as well as contacts companies about any problems that reviewers have brought to their attention. Look at the business’s rating from the BBB, as well as complaints made against the company. While many roofing businesses will have complaints, check to see if these complaints have been resolved (closed) as it will tell you that whether the Bureau contacted the company and the issue was resolved.

Certifiable Certification

Many roofing companies are certified to use certain roofing suppliers’ materials and systems. This certification system holds the company to exacting standards as well supplying the contractor with superior materials. Many services even have a superior certification for contractors who have been in the field for many years with a proven reputation.

We hope this article has shed some light on avoiding disreputable roofing contractors. While all of these tips can be used for general contracting, roofing in particular can leave people desperate for a quick fix with a leaking or damaged roof. If you have any questions about contracting practices for roofing, siding, windows, or more, please contact us. All Weather Tite is a certified GAF Master Elite contractor and we are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.