Roof Moss and Algae - Eliminate Before You Experience Problems

Some of the most common unwanted growths that you see on roofs are moss and fungus. This is especially true in areas with a high level of humidity, simply for the fact that moss and fungus thrive in moisture-rich environments. At a base level, having these growths on your roof can make your home look neglected, which can in turn lower its value and reduce its curb appeal. You will first start to notice moss and fungus as dark streaks on your roof. Though it may seem like there is not much, keep in mind that these organisms can spread very rapidly.

Why Do You Need to Eliminate Roof Moss and Algae?

Damage To Your Roof

One of the top reasons why you should eliminate the roof moss and algae from your roof as quickly as possible is because it can cause some very serious damage to your roofing materials. Moss and algae will slowly work to break down the fibers in your shingles. This not only damages the shingles themselves, but forces the materials apart, making room for leaks to occur. Whenever this happen, you run the risk of damaging the entire structural integrity of your roof. For this reason, many homes must be prematurely replaced due to the moss and algae that was left unchecked.

Reduced Efficiency

Though fungus, mildew and Algae or less damaging to your roof than moss, they can greatly reduce the efficiency of your home whenever they are not kept in check. This is because fungus will interfere with your roof’s natural ability to reflect light and heat. Whenever this happens, your home will stay hotter in the summer, resulting in higher air conditioning bills.

Poor Curb Appeal

In addition to the destruction and efficiency issues posed by moss and algae on your roof, you must also take your home’s overall curb appeal into consideration. Whether you are planning to stay in your home for many years, or sell in the near future, the roof is the most visible portion of your home. Whenever your roof looks bad, your entire home looks bad. This is especially problematic for anyone looking to sell a home. Whenever potential home buyers see the fungus-covered roof, it sets a bad first impression which can make or break any deal.

Whether you have extensive moss and algae growth on your roof, or are just seeing the very beginnings  of it, talk with someone as soon as possible about the best way to remove and control these costly infestations. Many homeowners put off taking care of this type of project because they are worried about how much it will cost. Although there is definitely a cost associated with the cleaning and managing of roof moss and algae, the cost that you will face if it runs rampant is much higher. Do yourself a favor by acting quickly, at the first sign of a problem. You will thank yourself later on.