Replacement Windows or New Construction Windows

Whenever you are shopping around for new windows, you will probably hear these two different types of window installation thrown around at one time or another. Many people will take a long hard look at new construction windows, whenever they are looking at some of the bigger brands of window manufacturers. In many cases, however, these windows are only available in standard window sizes, meaning that the home must be adapted to fit the window, rather than the window adapted to fit the home. While this can sometimes result in less expensive windows, it can result in higher carpentry expenses that essentially negate this savings.

Are replacement windows the best option?

While replacement windows are the perfect option for many homeowners, new windows should not always be avoided. If you live in a home with only standard window sizes, for example, new construction windows can be easily placed where your old windows sat. Furthermore, if your window frames require additional work due to wear or rot, or if you want to expand the size of your windows, it may make more sense to use a standard sized new window during the replacement process.

Are new windows more energy efficient?

While many new windows tout their energy efficiency at every chance they get, it is important to remember that replacement windows are all sized to your specific window openings. Because of this, they can be very efficiently sealed to each particular window opening. Furthermore, because most custom replacement window manufacturers deal only in custom windows, the cost associated with this type of window is roughly equivalent to that of new windows. Because many of these manufacturers have streamlined their custom window building process, they are able to build custom windows for each customer at a reasonable price.

In addition to being able to build windows that are custom-suited to seal perfectly in your existing window openings, custom window manufacturers utilize many of the same technologies that the big window manufacturers use. As a result, custom windows can be every bit as energy efficient as new windows.

How do you decide?

Because of the wide range of factors involved when choosing between new and replacement windows, it is important to work closely with a local contractor that specializes in window replacement. An initial consultation will help determine the size of the windows that you are looking to replace, so that you can determine whether or not they are standard or non-standard sizes. After the best option for your situation has been determined, you will be guided through the selection of window types and styles to ensure that the end result is exactly what you have been looking for.

Regardless of whether your home needs new windows or replacement windows, installing new windows can have a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of your home. If you have older, inefficient windows, it can also result in a significant decrease in your heating and cooling costs. All in all, updating your windows is a great decision that brings benefits that will last for many years to come.

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