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All Weather Tite is a family owned and operated roofing company led by Kelly Shepard. As a third generation roofer, Kelly brings over 30 years of roofing expertise to every job and to leading our team of seasoned professionals. Understanding the unique weather conditions that homes in Port Charlotte, Florida face, we ensure that your home is prepared for hurricane season. We use only the highest quality materials from GAF, the country’s largest roofing manufacturer with the industry’s longest warranty. Your family can have total peace of mind knowing that your roof is protected for years to come.

We’re proud to have achieved the exclusive status of Master Elite® Roofing Contractor with GAF, which only 3% of roofing contractors in the U.S. have achieved this status.

A superior customer experience is our top priority.

  • We make the roofing process easy and stress free for homeowners
  • Every project starts with an extremely thorough roof assessment
  • Communication is key and we pride ourselves on delivering fast, responsive service
  • Quality craftsmanship you can trust and peace of mind for your family

You Deserve All Weather Tite’s Professional Difference

  • Port Charlotte, FL’s Elite Roofing Company certified as a GAF® Contractor
  • Decades of experience navigating challenges and advocating for homeowners
  • A steadfast commitment to superior workmanship
  • Dedication to completing projects the right way, on time and on budget
  • Wide selection of high quality roofing materials



Get Your Roof Replaced in 3 Easy Steps 


STEP 1: Schedule Your Free 10-Point Roof Inspection

We thoroughly assess the condition of your roof from every angle while wearing protective gear to keep you and your family safe.

STEP 2: Choose Your Roof System & Warranty

Virtually or in-person, we review together your detailed roof inspection report and discuss our warranty backed options for your home’s new roof.

STEP 3: Enjoy Peace of Mind

You deserve total satisfaction. Our thorough, professional experience from start to finish delivers a roof that is built to last.

Happy Clients are Our Goal

You don’t have to take our word for it – read what they have to say.

All Weather Tite Roofing Repair - FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Port Charlotte, FL

We used All Weather Tite and were extremely pleased with their work. The work they did was great and we would use them again if needed. The crew did a great job on the roof and left no debris behind. If you’re looking for someone to replace your roof then give these guys a call. Kelly gave us a good quote and was able to start the job right away. With so much damage to the roofs from Hurricane Michael I wasn’t sure how long we would have to wait. I give this company an A+ rating.

Trish H.

All Weather Tite Roofing Repair - FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Port Charlotte, FL

My wife and I hired All Weather Tite to replace a few skylights and our roof. We met with a few companies but were so satisfied with the level of customer service and support that we got with Kelly. He made the process simple. This is clearly a major plus when dealing with such a large purchase. Kelly’s crew showed up on time and completed the project brilliantly. Would highly recommend All Weather Tite.

Scott D.

All Weather Tite Roofing Repair - FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Port Charlotte, FL

I hired All Weather Tite for a new roof after some storm damage. I found Kelly to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient from the beginning through the end of the project. I felt the crew that did the roof were very thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend Kelly for any roof work.

Denise F.

All Weather Tite Roofing Repair - FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Port Charlotte, FL

Everyone in our neighborhood had their roofs damaged after a typical florida middle of the night thunderstorm. The water was leaking into our living room wall by the time we woke up and Kelly was the first roofer to respond to us. He was professional, answered all of our questions but most importantly was very respectful and cognizant of our budget. I thank Kelly for his prompt responses and same day fix of our issue. We highly recommend his company for any issues you have with your roof.

Kat T.

Homeowner Resources 

Roofing Safety: What Homeowners Need to Know

Roofing Safety: What Homeowners Need to Know

When your property becomes a contractor’s work site, safety becomes a top priority, and roofing safety is paramount. The safety-trained roofing contractor will inspect and double-check the work site for potential dangers and resolve these issues before starting the job. During installation, the roofing company that properly trains its employees will demand that all roofing safety precautions be taken.

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Roof Replacement Cost in Port Charlotte, FL

Roof Replacement Cost in Port Charlotte, FL

As a homeowner, the number of times we need to replace our roofing system is minimal. In fact, with today’s lifetime warranties, many homeowners may only need to go through this project once. But when your home is in need of a roof replacement, what is a fair estimate for a roof replacement cost in Port Charlotte, Florida?

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Vinyl Siding Benefits

Vinyl Siding Benefits

In this article you’ll read about the history of vinyl siding, what it’s made of and why you would want to use it. If you have questions about siding, roofing or windows, let All Weather Tite help you. Call All Weather Tite for a free roofing estimate at 941-889-9085.

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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

Today, there are metal roofing products available to fit every architectural style. Metal roofs in shingle, shake, slate and tile styles have reinvigorated the metal roofing industry, and have become the second-most popular choice, about 11% of the roofing material market. Here are the pros and cons for metal roofs:

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How to Measure for New Windows

How to Measure for New Windows

Since windows don’t have to be replaced often, when the time comes, not many people know quite how to go about getting new ones. That is why there are so many companies out there to help out with the process, from ordering them to actually installing them. However, one thing you should know how to do is how to measure your existing windows. It may sound like a simple task, but there are actually some important things you need to know to make sure that you have all of the right measurements.

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How does Commercial Roofing Differ From Residential Roofing?

How does Commercial Roofing Differ From Residential Roofing?

Commercial roofing differs from residential roofing depending on the pitch of the roof and the main use of the building. An experienced roofing contractor knows the many different types of roofing systems that are used for various commercial purposes. Contact All Weather Tite for a free inspection of your commercial roofing system at 941-889-9085.

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How a Roofing Ventilation System Works

How a Roofing Ventilation System Works

Your home may not have lungs, but it does need to breathe too, through an intake and an exhaust. The most important components of a roofing ventilation system, the intake and the exhaust, work together to circulate fresh air into your home’s attic space and hot air out of it. If your home is suffering from excessive humidity, condensation, or mold growth, you might have a house that needs its roofing ventilation system inspected.

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12 Tips for New Homeowners

12 Tips for New Homeowners

Just bought a home? These twelve tips for new (and veteran) homeowners cover the essentials of budgeting, lowering energy bills and preventative home maintenance. If you’re interested in making energy efficient improvements to your home, like updating your exterior roofing, siding and windows, start by contacting a licensed professional to help you. Whether you live in Massachusetts or Florida, our experts can help weatherize your home, resulting in energy savings that will save you money.

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Leaking Roof – A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

Leaking Roof – A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

The sight of a water leak from above makes most homeowners shudder. When water starts pouring down your walls or through your ceilings, you may feel helpless. By the time you see the leak, a considerable amount of damage may have already occurred and a roof repair will be necessary. However, homeowners can take proactive steps to mitigate the damage from a leaking roof. Contact All Weather Tite for a free roof inspection and estimate.

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Replacing Your Roof Before You Sell

Replacing Your Roof Before You Sell

Having a new roof installed not only makes your home more durable, but it can also add to the value of the home if you should put it up for sale. All Weather Tite shows you how replacing your roof before your sell can increase your home’s resale value. Contact All Weather Tite for a free roof inspection at 941-889-9085.

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Roof repair is often the last thing homeowners want to think about. Repairs are a hassle and can be expensive. At All Weather Tite, we understand the importance of a good roofing system, so you never get to that emergency stage.

All Weather Tite is a locally owned and operated roofing company proudly serving Port Charlotte, Florida, and the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida. We are the most trusted roofing service company in the area. We provide our customers with a detailed roofing estimate free of charge.

Whether it’s an extreme rainstorm, hailstorm, tornado, or hurricane, when the forces of Mother Nature rise against your roof, you can trust the experts from All Weather Tite. From home improvement to new roof construction, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We are confident in our workmanship and the quality of our materials.

Residential Roof Repair Services

Your roof is one of your home’s most important investments. If there’s a possibility that it couldbe failing as a result of old age, storm damage, or simply a hole that developed over time, our team can find it.
Our roofing technicians will always respond on time.
We are trained to search for all sources of possible roof failure and leak detection. Whetheryour roof has a few leaks or a major pour, All Weather Tite can help.
We have the trained professionals, the right tools, and the knowledge to track down any roof damage and provide a long-lasting solution.

Commercial Roofing Services

The majority of commercial roofing systems are flat or low sloped, which means that standing water, cracks, and leaks often occur over the lifespan of the roof.

All Weather Tite offers commercial roof repair services with properly trained technicians who can inspect the entire roof surface for any signs of damage or maintenance.
We work quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues that may have resulted in roof damage. In fact, we can help extend the lifespan of your roof system to ensure you get your full money’sworth before replacing it with a new one.

When you need a roof replacement, we are the right men for the job. We offer timely and competitive pricing for any roof system you might be interested in.
Your business is our business, and without a high-quality commercial roof, you can’t operate properly.

Your commercial roof is a significant investment. That’s why it’s important to take care of every aspect of it. The roof over your property is one of the most important features of your commercial building. It keeps your business open and operating normally. Your customer and employees come first,keep them safe from the weather. When your roof is secure, it keeps bugs, insects, and other pests out of your property and increases the efficiency of your commercial HVAC systems.

At All Weather Tite, we understand the importance of your commercial roof. We are industry leaders when it comes to commercial roofing services. Whether you need leak fixing, shingle installation, or a full roof replacement, we’re the roofing company you can count on.

Roof Replacement Services

All Weather Tite is your best choice for roof installation or roof replacement in Southwest Florida.
We are locally owned and operated, which is why we are backed by the quality major manufacturers.
Your roof has a lifespan and replacement can be rather expensive, especially if you have a large property. It’s always a smart move to start budgeting for the inevitable before it’s too late.

Remember, not all manufacturers offer quality products. Some offer a low-cost, get-by offering which serves a purpose in the marketplace.
For Example, if you’re a flipper or an investor, we can get you some low cost solutions to ensure your profits and let the next guy worry about the roof in a few years. If you invest to buy and hold for cash flow, we have excellent roofing packages with excellent long-term ROI.
We recommend starting budgeting when the roof is approximately 10 years old and replace it by the time it’s 15 years old. Unless you decide you never want to replace your roof, and then we can look at metal roof options.

While repairs can extend the lifespan of your roof, at some point they will no longer do the trick which will require you to have a roof replacement.
When it comes to roofing services in Southwest Florida, no company can compete with the level of quality or commitment we provide.
All Weather Tite goes above and beyond for our residential and commercial customers.

The Benefits of a New Roof

Some property owners today see a few benefits to roof replacement and they don’t want to invest in a new roof until they have no other choice. However, contrary to their belief, roof installation can bring plenty of benefits.
When your roof is more than two decades old or if it has sustained major damage over the years, you might need to consider a roof replacement.

All Weather Tite explains four reasons to install a new roof today:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Cracks and holes on your old roof can lead to significant energy loss. Proper ventilation in your attic, including roof venting and soffit venting, can significantly reduce your roof’s useful life and lead to excessive cooling bills . Your cooling system might need to work overtime to maintain a comfortable living environment. As the leading Southwest Florida roofing company, we provide energy-efficient roofs to keep your home cozy even under extreme weather.

Superior Durability

Older roofs are more prone to damage caused by natural weather elements. Even a small leak can grow into a major problem over time. All Weather Tite offers high-quality replacement roofs to give you better protection against the elements. While you may have some who will suggest that you replace the roof, sometimes we can make repairs that may save you significant amounts of money.

Increased Curb Appeal and Value

Most home renovation projects focus on improving your home’s aesthetics. One of them is roof replacement. When you replace your old, fading roof with a new one, you can breathe new life into your property.
Moreover, you can increase your property value. Our roofs at All Weather Tite are available in many colors and styles to make sure your exterior looks appealing at all times.

Excellent Warranty Coverage

Our products and services at All Weather Tite are all backed with strong warranties. That’s why you can have peace of mind when you choose to work with us.

Contact Us Today!

All Weather Tite recommends only the best-manufactured roofing materials that have been tried and tested for decades. Every product we install, be it residential or commercial, has gone through extensive quality control testing beforehand.

Call us today at 941-889-9085 to request a free estimate. All Weather Tite proudly serves all properties throughout Port Charlotte, Florida, and the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida.
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As a homeowner, you may not worry about your roof until you need to. All Weather Tite and Kelly Shepard would like to keep it that way. Your home roof is an important investment in the long-term value of your home and quality of life for you and your family. Our mission after 20 years replacing roofs in extreme weather environments is to deliver a superior customer experience and the highest quality workmanship to each and every project. Are you searching for “roof repair near me”, are you looking for a local roof repair contractor you can trust within your zip code? All Weather Tite Roofing offers affordable roof repair cost in the Port Charlotte, Florida area. We are very proud to have achieved the exclusive status of Master Elite® Roofing Contractor with GAF, a status only 3% of roofing contractors in the U.S. have achieved. As one of the best roof repair companies in the Port Charlotte, Florida area, we have already replaced thousands of roofs for homeowners in Southwest Florida and we’d like the opportunity to re-roof yours. If you are in need of roof repair service for your home, office, new construction site in Port Charlotte, Englewood, Punta Gorda & Cleveland FL or any surrounding community within a 30 mile radius, call now and book your free estimate today! We proudly utilize roof repair products from top roofing manufacturers including GAF, HARVEY, TAMKO and Velux. So if you are looking for handyman roof repair or partial roof repair, stop searching “handyman roof repair near me” and contact All Weather Tite Roofing today to get it done right!